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One of the impacts of the spread of Covid-19 pandemic happening in Indonesia started from March 2020 force many schools and many institutions in Indonesia and in the world to follow the health protocol for Covid-19 by washing hands with soap and running water, keep physical distancing and stay at home. SMAK Plus PENABUR Cirebon, under BPK PENABUR foundation, see this matter seriously by conducting online distance teaching learning process began from March 16th, 2020 and will still be evaluating every two weeks.

“Online distance teaching learning process that school has done, still refer to the normal schedule. The most important thing that we must keep is the education ‘spirit’, that is, where there is interaction among teachers as the facilitator and the students. Because of the condition, SMAK Plus PENABUR Cirebon facilitates the interaction to the students”, said Mr Antonius Adinugroho, S.T., the SMAK Plus PENABUR Cirebon Vice Principal of Vice Curriculum.

In order to create it, the process is designed the same as the normal lessons using technology platforms, such as: Google classroom applied since five years ago, the application of Google Meet and Zoom for having the teaching learning process and Whatsapps group for text communication. By using the good infra structure and the teachers struggle spirit as well as their creativity, the online distance teaching learning process runs using the normal schedule and time, that is from 07.00 am until 14.24 pm.

All the teaching agenda includes monthly, middle and final test, Pre-National Exam and School Exam that are done through online. “The big problem for doing it, is the signal connection, however, we are grateful because parents also support the facilities for their children during their stay at home. We all realize that it is the best way that we must do to keep our spirit and the students’ learning quality”, said Mr Anton.

Another lesson that we can learn from the online distance teaching learning process is the students’ integrity as the real lesson when they have to do tests. With the intention of reducing the students’ cheating, it can be limited technologically, nevertheless, to make it into zero error is something impossible. Thus, during this condition, it can be a good momentum for schools to teach the students the good characters of honesty, integrity and justice for others. “We know scores are important to students, however, scores will not be everything. It is still not good to get perfect scores from cheating or other embarrassing attitudes / actions”, said Rafael Girvan, one of the 10th graders students of SMAK Plus PENABUR Cirebon majored in Science.

Seeing the development of Covid-19 pandemic that has not showed a good sign progress, SMAK Plus PENABUR Cirebon decide to continue the online distance teaching learning process in the school academic year 2020/ 2021 until the unspecified time limit. “We are still evaluating the Covid-19 pandemic condition and we really concern about the students safety. In case, the condition will be worse, we take an action to make longer this program”, told Mr Anton ending the conversation.

Alright Plussians, the most important thing for all of us is how we as both teachers and students keep contributing to cut the chain and break the spread of Covid-19 by doing all the decisions and the health protocol applied by the government. Don’t forget to give thanks to God for everything we receive and keep your spirit high!

God bless you all! 

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